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We live in an information age, where we are used to finding out whatever we desire, through typing a few words into our favourite search engine and receiving the results. You do it with movies, healthcare, growing plants, choosing great restaurants, the next best TV deal, your next car...wait what!? Hold on a minute here...did you say cars?

Consider that you're a potential client and you are looking for your next car – what will you do? Rely on the newspapers, or do you “Google it” - the answer is in the question really, I know exactly what route you’ll take.

So, now that we're on the same page, why is it that so many dealers still believe incorrectly that the standard is the out-dated Auto Trader, when in fact, the standard is search? Old habits die hard, and those habits will hurt your business if you continue to follow the same route and don't pay attention to my next point.

More information is better.

More information IS better - so long as it's of a high standard and usable. And if you had the opportunity to easily create pages that described your vehicles well, wouldn’t you jump at it?  Of course you would. There's no question that producing quality information can be a time consuming practice, but if it enables potential clients to find your used stock, then it's probably worth the effort.

Quality information is even better.

What is quality information? In the world of automotive sales, quality is probably best described as the type of information that accurately describes a car, be it pictures; descriptions such as features, colour, mileage, year, make and model; and not forgetting video.

All of this needs to be input by someone and it must be in the format that is useful to users and search engines. There's no point in using abbreviations such as p/s or e/w as this means very little to customers or Google. Just give FSH (an all time industry favourite) a quick search, it's an abbreviation for at least 107 terms – only 1 of which is motor vehicle related (Full Service History).

What does this mean then? Quite simply, inputting all of this detail will take time – but if you make the effort, you will be rewarded.  Users will find the exact car they are looking for on your website through searching for it and you, the dealer, will be pleased by the resulting sale.

However, all this takes time, so make sure that your website system allows for the speedy input of information – which brings me to the best part – the Auto Agent system allows for this!

So it's true then?

Yes, the fastest way is “The Auto Agent Way”!

The Auto Agent car dealer website solution is designed around 2 very important factors:

  • Allow clients to see lots of detail about the car.
  • Allow dealers to add lots of detail in the fastest way possible.

Well that was easy – but these 2 points make building a simple system quite a big challenge. Not only do your clients need to see the details, but they might be surfing from their cellphones (39% of urban South are now browsing the internet on their phones - Feb 2011) desktops or even tablets. Surfing on a cell phone requires a very different interface to that of a laptop or even a tablet. And if you use the Auto Agent system, your clients will find you because our system is mobile friendly and that's a big deal!

The second point of allowing a dealer to upload multiple images, select makes, models and features with one click means that we eliminate all the typing that takes such a long time because 95% of information is input with checkboxes, which means no more e/w, p/s. Images can be uploaded in groups so no more waiting for single images to upload before you can move on. Dealers also get a clear picture of their stock in the backend and can mark cars as sold before they delete them, which is handy if a deal falls through for some reason.

And best of all, your entire dealer stock is promoted on at no extra charge. As web developers, we promote all the used cars for sale on this system so that you're not relying on your own advertising efforts to promote stock – we’ll send you quality leads. That’s a very important statement: "QUALITY LEADS". At Auto Agent, we believe that 1 quality lead from someone interested in your car is worth more than 10 unqualified leads coming from similar makes and models.

And we're not into sending you leads from other dealers' cars – your leads come straight to you, and no-one else. It is after all, your car.

So as you can see, we have an honest system here, one that improves a client's journey into researching available cars out there and one where a dealer can get the best possible exposure for his marketing budget.

Contact us now – our system works!

Author: Pierre Theron

Angie Alford - Concorde Cars

I am very impressed with the ease of using Auto Agent's system. The ease and efficiency of a product or service are the most important chararistics that any product must have to get my stamp of approval. This is what makes Auto Agent so exciting to work with. The leads from Pickacar are 10 times more useable than the rest of the sites we've worked with. My sales have increased by almost double and there is no wasting time by loading vehicles over and over into different systems. It's also always a delight to speak to Pierre Theron about anything you might need to know and his client service is definitely of the highest standards. Thanks Auto Agent and Pierre for making my life and business a lot easier.

Petrus Hayes

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The Auto Agent Way - selling used cars online

We live in an information age, where we are used to finding out whatever we desire, through typing a few words into our favourite search engine and it delivers the results. You do it with movies, healthcare, growing plants, choosing great restaurants close by, the next best TV deal, your next car, what!! Wait, hold on a minute here...did you say Cars?

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